The Story Behind Nude Lunch

The Nude Lunch is a fundraising event committed to changing the story of Ovarian Cancer in Australia. Ovarian Cancer is known as “The Silent Killer” often remaining undetected until it is too late.

Nude Lunch – Ovarian Cancer Exposed aims to raise awareness about this silent killer and raise vital funds for support services for women and their families affected by Ovarian Cancer, as well as for high impact research programs so that an early detection test can be found. Since it’s conception in 2016, the Nude Lunch has delivered four successful events and has raised over $300,000!

Raising awareness for this disease is crucial as approximately 75% of women are diagnosed at an advanced stage, where the cancer has spread and is difficult to treat successfully.

Cancer doesn’t care about your status or age; it strips us bare leaving us vulnerable and emotionally exposed, this is how the concept of a Nude Lunch was developed.

The Nude Lunch also works to educate the younger generations about Ovarian Cancer through the Junior Nude Lunch. The Junior Nude Lunch has become an annual event for young women and their parents.

The Nude Lunch played an integral role in helping to establish the Trudy Crowley Foundation in 2018. The money donated form The Nude Lunch funds were able to appoint a Palliative Ovarian Cancer Nurse in the community of Mackay – the first ever Palliative Ovarian Cancer Nurse in Australia!

Trudy’s Story

On a Friday afternoon in February 2016, Trudy Crowley left her office at Gardian Real Estate in Mackay. Little did she know that less than three weeks later she would discover that not only did she have cancer, but that it was incurable. What started as a simple pain in the kidney area, lump in her neck and exhaustion was quickly diagnosed as incurable ovarian cancer, stage 4 grade 3.

Trudy is a truly inspirational woman, she did not let her situation get the better of her, remaining in control and turning her situation into something positive. Trudy wanted to raise awareness about the disease and the crucial need to fund further research to find a test for early detection, founding the Nude Lunch.

“I’m making sure our next generation has the best chance of detecting it as early as possible before it is too late. Ovarian cancer may be a silent killer, but we’re not going to stay silent about it.” – Trudy Crowley

Sadly, Trudy passed just weeks prior to the 2018 Nude Lunch event. Trudy was truly remarkable, and her legacy continues with the Nude Lunch as it continues to make a difference helping to save lives and work so that no woman with ovarian cancer has to walk alone. Together we can change the story of ovarian cancer.

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